Whitewater Rafting Trip on “The Racecourse”

Whitewater Rafting Trip on “The Racecourse”

Whitewater Rafting Trip on “The Racecourse” / Moderate Class 3 Rapids

This is a moderately strenuous whitewater rafting trip on the legendary “Racecourse” where all rafters are part of the rafting team, and will paddle as needed and directed by the boatman guide.  The Racecourse is an adventurous five mile whitewater rafting trip starting in Pilar NM on the wild and scenic protected stretch of the Rio Grande river.

Total Trip Time: (leaving parking lot to returning): 4 hours total  / 2 ½ hours on the water

Meeting Times: Friday Oct. 7 at 12:30 PM

Where to Meet: Pilar Bureau of Land Management Visitor Center 12:30 pm (Junction of NM Highway 68 and NM Highway 567)

Tour Leaders: Los Rios River Runners, Far Flung Adventures, NM River Adventures (Long time experienced local river rafting companies)

Actual Tour Time: Approx. 1 PM – 3:30 PM about 2 ½  hr on the water

What to Bring: Swim shorts, tennis shoes (not sandals), hat, sunglasses with strap (so you dont lose them!), sunscreen, water bottle, extra garment for contingency (Fleece jacket or sweater). Rafting company will provide a life jacket with a waterproof “splash jacket” top.

Special Safety Instruction: Only participants who are comfortable getting wet, and possibly having to swim should sign up for this tour. 

Group Limit: 6 people per boat

Age Limit: 6 years old and older

Difficulty Level: Class 3 – Moderate Difficulty

Special Directions, Safety Restrictions, etc:  Guests will be given a waiver and safety packet in advance that must be filled out and returned prior to the trip.